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PUBG Mobile is not available in all countries, and if you want to play with foreign players, you can change your server and play with different players across the world. Our Free VPN download can change your IP address, and it can make you appear in the country where it is available. As you know, gaming needs a high-speed internet connection, and you will not face lagging problems if you use a P33k@boo VPN.

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Key Features

Enjoy unmatched security and absolute online freedom on your device from anywhere in the world.

Streaming Servers

Be able to access the US Netflix, US Hulu, and BBC iPlayer from any spot in the world.

Servers for Torrenting

Run our VPN for torrenting, connect to the server with the mark torrents, and download torrents from any country.


We protect your privacy, we don't keep any logs, unlike others. So you can be yourself on the internet, without losing your anonymity.

Optimal Server

Let our software choose the server for you and get the optimal VPN speed and complete encryption of your private data.

Secure Protocols

OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard - Each of our protocols are automatically configured to provide the best service.

No Restrictions

Browse anonymously and unblock any geo-restricted content with our highly secure servers.

Trusted Networks

Encrypting all the data that your device transmits over the internet. We provide an additional layer of security and privacy by filtering out illegal or unsecured WiFi networks

7-Day Free Trial

Apart from premium virtual servers, P33k@boo VPN provides several locations with limited speed and bandwidth. Using one of these locations, you can benefit from our VPN app for free.

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Encrypted Traffic

Enjoy the speed and security of the P33k@boo VPN network. Our proprietary network of servers around the world provides optimal speed and complete encryption of your private data. With our easy-to-use client, you can choose the best server to fit your needs – whether it’s for streaming, downloading, or anonymous browsing.

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Improve connection speeds

Reduce Lag

Sometimes there are complications, and these complications can result in suboptimal connection paths across the internet. That’s where our VPN download comes in. You might be trying to connect to a server that’s geographically close, but your internet connection might be routed in unusual ways that take the long way around, causing higher latency than expected. P33k@boo VPN can solve these weird ISP routing problems.

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