Which VPN Is Best For Australia

which vpn is best for australia

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Which VPN is best for Australia?

That’s a million-dollar question!

Traveling around the world and using public Wifi could seem harmless. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Having a VPN when you travel gives you more freedom when you surf the web and, it also protects your data at the same time. 

Here are the main reasons why you should use P33K@boo VPN when you travel:

All Communications Are Encrypted

By logging on to the Internet, you are automatically assigned an IP address that identifies your device and tracks all your online activity, from Google search to your online shopping. One of the great benefits of VPN is that it disguises your IP address, so it’s difficult to trace your activities. That way, it’s more secure to use the Internet on your device and keep your online activity private.

The second part of the online communication is dealing with banks and email providers, which can freeze your account when activity from the foreign country is detected. If you log in to your bank account from Bangkok but you’re normally based in Canada, the bank may flag you and freeze the account! To prevent this, use a VPN to connect to the server in your home country and safely check the bank balance or your emails while abroad. 

Staying Safe On A Public Wifi

When you travel abroad, you are most likely to ‘hunt’ for a free wifi connection everywhere you go. The airports, hotels, or cafes are great spots for connecting and accessing the public wifi. No hesitation, just click the connect button. 

Although, what many people might not know is, that the moment you use open wifi networks, anyone with a little know-how can gain the access to your data such as emails, passwords or phone calls! Many hackers are waiting for their opportunity to trick you by setting up wifi hotspots through which they can hack your device. 

Instead of leaving your data exposed, a VPN is encrypting all of your data, turning the public unsecured network into a private and secured one. This makes it safe to use and no hackers can use or see any of your information. Simply said, VPNs are protecting your private data when using public wifi. 

Bypass Government Internet Restrictions

It’s no secret that China (and some other Asian countries) restricts using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! The Internet is highly censored due to the government’s restrictions. Meanwhile, in some parts of the Middle East, Skype and WhatsApp are banned! If you want to break the barrier, a VPN can help you prevent any government blocks or even snooping if you’re in a region that does that. Simply select a country where the website is available and access it with no restrictions.

All-Time Acces To Geo-Restricted Content

Do you know that disappointing feeling when you try to watch Netflix from abroad, but the screen says you cannot access the content because of regional restrictions? Don’t worry, you can avoid this next time!

It might be challenging to trick your device thinking you are in a different country than you actually are but it can be done! P33k@boo VPN can bypass restrictions by hiding your actual location and you can watch the content from your home country. So if you are in Asia and want to watch Netflix or BBC iPlayer, you can set up your Canadian/British VPN and be able to watch the Canadian/British shows or movies from Asia to avoid the local restrictions. 

which vpn is best for australia

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